Burning Spear at Outdoor Stage At Salvage Station

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Outdoor Stage At Salvage Station | Asheville, North Carolina

Burning Spear

Mark your calendars on Sunday 23rd June 2024 and stand by in suspense for an breathtaking concert of epic pop-rock proportions — Burning Spear LIVE at the Outdoor Stage At Salvage Station! This summer, an astounding evening of headbanging tunes and dance-worthy music is going your way, headlined by some of the HOTTEST singers from your radio. Move along to the trendiest songs from a Billboard-topping discography, and let the infectiously magnetic energy flow through your body as the concert kicks off at high-speed. A bonafide tastemaker applauded by fans and critics alike, our multi-awarded main act offers crowds a marvelous live music event overflowing with their latest viral hits and best-selling favorites. Prior performances have been reviewed “two thumbs up,” so come on, join the hype, and pop-rock and roll with your friends like there’s no tomorrow! Outdoor Stage At Salvage Station, North Carolina’s premier entertainment destination, will elevate the upcoming concert with its stylish stage and state-of-the-art sound systems. Hit the button above and book your tickets soon!

Burning Spear is touring again. Hitting the road and anticipated to make numerous pitstops throughout the USA, but lucky you, they're also going to make a stop in Asheville, North Carolina this summer!

You can be one of the first fans to bag exclusive access! Fair wanring, tickets for Burning Spear are shifting quickly and there is no more time to waste! This powerful headlining outing has been deemed as among Asheville's 2024 most in demand pop concert! Well, with a brand new record and a fire catalog, there is no question that Burning Spear is the summer’s most heart-pumping pop phenom!

On Sunday 23rd June 2024, you’ll be enjoying on Burning Spear's amazing records! Outdoor Stage At Salvage Station is going to be full of excitement with the most epic hits from beginning to end! Burning Spear will be serving the most popular beats that are surefire music to your ears! There’s no mystery why the internet and major magazines like the Billboard are raving about Burning Spear’s exceptional latest album, including the latest album! Besides a commercially successful bangers, Burning Spear’s tremendously incredible work has secured some of the most prestigious awards!

Nobody delivers pop music quite like Burning Spear! Once Burning Spear starts singing, you will for sure sing along. Now dancing is optional, but why not just go all out! Enjoy the show’s pop anthems and smashing ballads without fuss!

Outdoor Stage At Salvage Station’s large capacity is there to ensure screaming fans have more than enough space – dancing, singing and enjoying the show sure won't be a a problem! Get to unwind through its wide array of food and drink choices. It is one concert destination is renowned for its excellent sound and light show ability! After experiencing this hair-raising pop extravaganza, you can select Outdoor Stage At Salvage Station’s plethora of nearby restaurants & diners!

This is going to be the most eventful evening of the summer! So go ahead, sing along, take a selfie of you in the audience at an Burning Spear concert, and go dancing like no one is watching! It happens once-in-a-lifetime! Make sure you secure your access early! Click on the "Get Tickets" button above now before it’s too late!

Burning Spear at Outdoor Stage At Salvage Station

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